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Declare Anti Wrinkle Sun Cream SPF50+ 75ml

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Declare Anti Wrinkle Sun Cream SPF50+ 75ml Kuwait

It is a sunscreen, suitable for all skin types. It intensely moisturizes and maintains a soft, smooth complexion. With a special protective formula that prevents the signs of premature ageing such as fine lines, discoloration and sun-induced wrinkles




* sunscreen cream

* anti-wrinkle

Product Features:

* An innovative formula that contains Bisabolo, it is soothing and skin-reinforcing and has anti-inflammatory effects.

* UVA / UVB UV broad spectrum sunscreen

* Protects from skin aging, sunburn and skin damage.

* Does not cause allergies and is used for sensitive skin.

* Suitable for all skin types

How To Use It?

* Use at least 15 minutes before sun exposure

* It is repeated every two hours.

How to protect from the sun?

1-Use of sun protection cream

2- Avoid sun peak hours

3- Wear the right clothes and sunglasses

4- Eat foods that contain antioxidant vitamin C.

Made in Switzerland

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